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Top Rated company formation Lawyer Information

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Is it possible to set up your business legally in USA while you’re sitting in India, without traveling to USA? In this video, I’ll share with you how to set up a company/business in the USA, from your own country, remotely.

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Method 2 – Through an attorney.
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My name’s Mani Karthik, a blogger from India. I worked in the USA and the Middle East for almost a decade with startups. Then I got bored, and quit my job in the US to return to India to pursue my passion for blogging. Today, I share whatever I’ve learned through this channel and my blogs.

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Well, anyone who has an online business that doesn’t need you to be present physically in the US can start a company in the US. Say a blogging business or an SEO agency, or an e-commerce business. Anything.

As long as you’re not in the US, you can start a business in USA. In fact, it’s a special option and you’re not supposed to have legal presence in the USA in order to be able to do this.

Okay, so what are the ways by which you can start a company in the US?

One, is through a service called Stripe Atlas.

According to this service, all you have to do is sign up a form, pay a fee of $500 which is approximately 40,000 Rupees as of today. And wait for a few days. You’ll get a US business account, your legal company, your Tax ID, etc.

Your company will be incorporated in Delaware Texas. It is one of the popular destinations in the USA for businesses to start, because of the several easy formalities and tax benefits.

Now, there is a second option to set up your company in the US, pretty much like Stripe Atlas but not in a cookie-cutter kind of way. It’s the traditional route where you can hire an attorney who’s an expert in setting up companies in the USA.

And there are a set of folks who’re claiming that Wyoming is a better option than Delaware. Delaware is where Atlas Stripe lets you set up a business.

Wyoming, on the other hand, offers better benefits, they claim. Like lesser setup fees, tax benefits, easier processing, etc.

But there are no standard products or services like Atlas Stripe.

You’d need to go through an attorney so you’ll need to pay their fees and have you involved in every step of incorporation etc.

In a way, for those who prefer to have complete control and transparency over the process, this is a better route.

The third method is through another service that is similar to Atlas Stripe but some claim is slightly better. It’s called

Now Firstbase does the exact same thing as Atlas Stripe but in a slightly better way and at a lower price.

Basically, you can start your company in seven simple steps.

One, start their online application, choose your company type, i.e LLC or Corporation, choose which state you want to incorporate in, describe your business, give your personal details, make your payment and you’re done.

Now, beyond Stripe Atlas, Firebase and the private attorney way, there are two more easy ways to start your business in the USA.

But these are not primarily intended for folks outside of the USA. This means they are focused on helping US.citizens or those living in the USA set up their companies in the US.

One very popular such company is called Clerky.

They just have a one time fee of $799, which is on the higher side but you only have to pay them once you get your final documents in hand.

They can also do the Delaware, C Corporation setup like Atlas Stripe but at an expedited processing time of 2-3 business days. Wow that is awesome! And it would cost you only $500.

Another such service is called and they are focused on helping U.S residents and founders start, scale or accelerate their companies and offer legal support.

You can get started with just $300 for a Delaware C-Corporation like Atlas Stripe. But you don’t get a business bank account with it. It’s not very popular with non U.S residents as well.


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