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Marcella Dominguez graduated with her JD in 2011 from Thomas M. Cooley School of Law now known as Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She returned to her native hometown of El Paso, TX and was admitted to the Texas Bar in 2013. Ms. Dominguez has since expanded her geographical area of practice and currently helps clients on a nationwide basis with creative endeavors such as starting a business, forming a business entity such as an LLC, registering a trademark, protecting a trademark, copyright registrations, and much more. For more information about Marcella visit
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How To Choose The Best Business Name

Hi everybody! Are you trying to come up with a name for your business? Are you wondering what sort of business name is the best in terms of a trademark certificate? I’m going to share with you that the best kind of names to choose are the names that don’t make any sense at all. So if it’s a word that you’ve never heard of or sounds completely unique to a passerby, then that’s probably a really good name for trying to successfully obtain a trademark registration certificate.

If you want to try out a little test, I suggest you walk up to perfect strangers then you say, hey how do you like the name of my business XOP? And they’re going to say XOP? What is it XOP? I’ve never even heard of XOP. Then you know you have a winner because XOP has a really good chance of getting registered at a trademark office provided nobody else is using that name. But have you heard of XOP? You catch my drift.

Business owners unite. The one common mistake that I see amongst business owners is that they come up with this fabulous name that they absolutely love and they’re set on it. They’re dead set on it. And then what ends up happening is that a couple of months into them using it, they realize that they are stepping on some toes. If you’re stepping on toes that means you’re probably trademark infringing. So that means you’re using a name that has already been chosen. I always tell business owners it is so important that you do a trademark search before you finalize your decision on that name because you could be stepping on toes. And if you step on toes this isn’t a matter of just lifting your foot, okay?

This is going to cost you a lot of money. It’s going to cost you a lot of money to defend yourself in the lawsuit. It’s going to cost you a lot of money to rebrand. I always say, do everything in the right order, do a trademark search for that name that you love so dearly, make sure that you’re allowed to use it, and then go ahead and move forward with the name. Don’t just jump on it because you love it and because it sounds like a good idea because it in fact might not be that great of an idea.


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